What is an Ethical Business

What is an Ethical Business

Many companies have been taking the initiative of going green and incorporating ethical business practices into their company.

These businesses have decided to give back to the community and to use their corporate power to make a difference in the world. In recent times, a slew of socially responsible companies have emerged and many are using their profits or incorporating their charitable work into their sales practices.

A few already existing larger corporations have also decided to incorporate ethical business practices as well.

The trend of going green has really caught on in the corporate world, and many companies are not only seeing opportunities to profit from the trend, but an opportunity to make a difference in the world. A lot of these companies have managed to do so, be it by do philanthropic work or just by selling better products and sustainable items.

Quite a few major corporations have decided to help the environment or contribute to a charitable cause.

They have decided to add an organic or charity angle to their marketing practices or to their products. Starbucks is one such company that has utilized sustainable products and practiced fair trade since its inception.

Starbucks focuses on using sustainable practices to produce green coffee. It follows by a set of practices that encourage economic accountability, social responsibility, and caring for the environment.

Starbucks is one of many major socially responsible companies that actually makes a difference with its ethics in business.

Ben and Jerry can also count itself among socially responsible companies. The founders of the company started the Ben and Jerry foundation and are members of the Business for Social Responsibility organization.

With their contributions, they have donated millions. The Pedigree dog food company also practices ethics in business. The company is active in supporting and donating to dog shelters.

They have donated millions of dollars to dog shelters and have donated millions of bowls of food to shelters as well.

Whole Foods is a green business that participates in fair trade and sells many organic items. They support sustainable agriculture and the reduction of waste, as well as other environmentally friendly practices.

They have also created an organization that helps people escape poverty, and a program that provides loans to small local crop producers. Another green business that sells organic items is Method, a company that sells a line of organic cleaning products.

The company’s aim is to provide better products for cleaning that don’t contain harmful chemicals and fumes, and it has succeeded in doing so. All of its products are made from all natural ingredients.

They Body Shop does the same as Method and produces completely all natural products. The company supports animal rights, environmental protection and even champions causes such as self esteem.

Kenneth Cole has been openly involved in supporting providing funding for AIDS research and increasing awareness of the disease. He uses his fashion to promote these causes and to bring funding to these causes.

To those who may wonder what is an ethical business, all of the above mentioned businesses fit the mold of an ethical business.

An ethical business uses its large monetary resources and recognition as a brand to support and promote causes, along with giving back to the environment and donating to causes that need more awareness.