Question by Happy Gilmore: Online Job Applications?
I’m 17 and i have been looking for a part time job lately. Most of the jobs i have been interested in i have been filling apps our for them online for the position i am interested in. Anyways I wanted to know if it would be a good idea to call the places that i applied for just checking in with my app and if any positions are available. And who would I call to ask about it.

Any information or experiences on this would be much appreciated or any other suggestions of what i should do that would help me get the job.

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Answer by Judy
Applying online is a waste of time.
You are competing against people that KNOW how to find jobs.

Look in your newspaper’s classified ads under employment to see job openings.
Also go to your unemployment/employment office to see their job board or table.
Go to the store and ask for an application.
Go in off hours during the day – not after 5 – if fast food – not during lunch or dinner.
Fill it out.
Ask for the manager. Shake his hand and tell him how much you would really love to work there.
Go back two days letter with a thank you letter.

Also get a simple resume together – it makes an impression – no matter how simple.

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