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Digital Marketing Me

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When I started Jobs Online Plus back in 2010 my main goal was to help others to learn more about working from home, getting the job that fits, traffic six figure mentorsgeneration methods PLUS Green living tips tools products businesses and yes earn some extra money helping me to pay some of my/our bills via affiliate blogging too;) So this site contains affiliate links!!!

But - it took me another 7 years to find mentors I can understand much better.

In 2006 I was able to receive my first commissions by reselling an online business frandchise not more than about 60 bucks but you may not believe me that it was the third or fourth online job I tried out that time.

Promoting SEOProfiler got me some little affiliate successes too so I formed a little reviewsite representing that. Not a pretty web page though.

STILL - I need and needed to test more that just one program to really add some other Online Jobs to this site. And so I did...

During the past  7 years this sites conent suffered a lot from me making changes - deleting the whole site, messing up in cpanel - I like to discover how things work:) So there is not too much information around here at this time...

Still you'll find some content that hopefully helps your online jobsearch. Feel free to select one Cat of the Cats in the categories SELECTaah bring da riddum 😉 - but if you just came here for STRONG and SOLID online job advice , please save yourself a lot of trials and errors (even if you believe in making errors lead to faster success) or lucky you, already have the time and money you need to live an easier life - and test SFM free for 30 Days!

"If I was able to referr just YOU to SFM, I'M FINE :-)!"

SimpleLeadCapture is an SFM product example 1

My Journey looking for great Online Job Coaching has ended with them and I strongly believe for a feel-good amount of time.

Why? Like mentioned earlier - I kept looking for digital marketing mentors I could connect with and that I believe in and those that can understand me. This probably is the harder part.

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List Building for Profits

Upcoming Visitors landing on Jobs Online Plus can be sure to find awesome content in future. So please don't hesitate to contact me or leave your comment about what is missing on my site and/or your positive feedback!

Don't be to hard on me with what you don't enjoy 8-/

Respectfully Yours,

six figure mentorsOliver Ohene-Dokyi



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